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Virtual/Personal Assistant Services

Below are descriptions and reviews.

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  • Virtual Assistant Services for self-employed/small businesses, or non-profit organizations, such as editing/proofreading, database/calendar/email management, digital filing, and establishing or streamlining systems

  • Personal Assistant Services for individuals, young couples, families, or seniors needing help with document organization, online filing, record keeping, basic budget setup, travel research, or other household details

  • Training/Coaching Services for administrative staff to develop organizational techniques for increased efficiency, including assistance with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, and Teams), and onboarding assistance for new staff

Virtual/Personal Assistant: Services

  Reviews - Administrative

I have many positive things to say about working with DavidnEliz.  Truly.  I am very happy with the services they offer.  Anyone can send out an email and say that they are a “virtual assistant” these days…but can they deliver and truly help clients?  DavidnEliz certainly can.  I contacted them as I was inundated with several important deadlines and I needed application forms and speeches to be proofread and beefed up.  The timely level of professionalism was impressive. DavidnEliz worked on my projects immediately and most certainly made them better.  I was open to suggestions and tweaking and they provided options that were much more coherent and cogent than the products I gave them. I am very pleased with the work they completed for me and will certainly use them in the future. 

- Monica B., educator, presenter, health coach

David proved himself an invaluable asset to our team with his exemplary organizational skills, meticulous attention to detail, and calming presence...His ability to easily manage multiple tasks and deadlines made our entire team more efficient and productive...One of David's standout qualities is his ability to learn quickly and adapt to new situations. As a quick study, he knows how to ask the right questions and translate complex information into easily digestible terms for others, ensuring that everyone feels confident in their understanding of the subject matter...David is undoubtedly the most organized person I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

- Abigail O., direct supervisor

David is an exceptional teacher and person...Coming into the position...David handled teaching me with grace, class, and excellence...His maintenance and creation of a folder system to organize all of the organization’s files and needs was extraordinarily useful...Outside of his pure skills, David is a wonderful human being and a joy to work with. His calm demeanor, combined with his alertness, organizational efficiency, and balance, makes him a professional in every sense.

- Alvin O., new staff member absolute pleasure to work with...hardworking and courteous...attentive to detail and quick to learn...his talents and friendly personality would be an asset in any work environment.

- Judith R., colleague

Virtual/Personal Assistant: Testimonials
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