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Music Instruction & Services

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Music Instruction

Music Services

  • Musical Transcription Services for amateur or professional musicians needing high-quality printed excerpts or full scores for music-related publications or performances 

  • Accompaniment Recording for performers of all ages desiring digital keyboard accompaniment tracks for rehearsal and/or performance

Music: Services

Reviews - Music Instruction

Elizabeth is a knowledgeable, patient, and pleasant tutor, making the topic less stressful. She has a deep knowledge of Music Theory, but more important, excellent techniques on teaching the subject. Great whiteboard and notes to guide me.

– Neil M., CA

Elizabeth did a fantastic job helping me with my online college Music Theory course. She was just amazing, breaking down every part for me and making sure I understood everything before we continued. With such a bubbly personality, without a doubt Elizabeth will be a part of this Music Theory journey with me.

– Isabella M., CA

Elizabeth was a music instructor for my two daughters who have very different personalities. She was able to work with both of them perfectly. She adjusted their lessons to meet their individual needs and cared about the progress of each of them. She is a truly talented musician and a fantastic teacher!

- Carrie F., VA

We had the pleasure of having Elizabeth as our son’s music instructor. She is extremely talented at her craft and a truly wonderful teacher. Elizabeth is kind, patient and takes a genuine interest in her students. She quickly gains an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and is able to customize her lessons to best maximize each student’s potential. Elizabeth is reliable and flexible and has instilled an enthusiasm for learning music in our son. I would absolutely recommend Elizabeth as a teacher or tutor for Music or Spanish at any level!

-Melissa W., VA

Elizabeth was our son's music instructor. I found her to be an extremely patient, nurturing, and caring teacher, offering encouragement and helping her students not just learn, but enjoy learning. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a teacher or tutor for a student of any age or experience level.

– Jeff W., VA

Elizabeth is a focused and caring teacher. Her attention to detail and her giving heart are true blessings to all who know her. I was blessed by her musical instruction in the church choir.

- Charlene C., MA

I worked with Elizabeth when she was teaching high school music at La Salle Academy. Her warm, congenial manner and enthusiasm were inspiring! She is flexible, open-minded, and considerate to all that she encounters. She truly is a blessing!

- Richard L., RI

Music: Testimonials

Reviews - Music Instruction & Services

The students not only learn a great deal from David but also experience an individual who is kind, considerate, and very patient. I have never heard one complaint from anyone about his class but rather only glowing comments from the students. He proceeds with a style that is calm, relaxed, and non-threatening. He thoroughly covers all the material as indicated in his syllabus with a kind of ease that is most attractive. He indeed has very fine teaching skills in the classroom...We are indeed fortunate to have someone who is so well-liked, respected, and talented.

- Christian B., college dept. chair

I reviewed student evaluations of David's teaching, and they were always excellent...many mentioned his patience, encouragement, and skill." As an accompanist, "...he was always well-prepared, musical, and so supportive and encouraging of students...Words to describe David are loyal, reliable, ethical, trustworthy, and committed. He is a fine musician AND a genuinely nice person with whom to work. 

- Patricia C., college dept. chair

...a consummate musician, colleague, and teacher...a valuable asset to our organization as a teacher and accompanist...a highly effective and sought-after of the most affable and kind people I have had the pleasure to know and his work ethic is above reproach. We will miss David's gentle and giving spirit.

- Elizabeth C., community music school director

David is the most humble, hard-working, and honest person I have ever known. His dedication to the job at hand and his willingness to go beyond what is expected of him are simply daily routine...He was, indeed, a role model for our students. His calming way and intense desire to give integrity to the music shaped the lives of all the students whom he accompanied...He taught them about things that went well beyond the score in terms of performance. Our students will never forget him and are changed because of his musical and personal influences. As a colleague, his warmth and compassion...was both comforting and astounding. He is a man of great inner peace...As an accompanist on stage with both soloists and the choir,  David shaped and developed each phrase carefully, bringing life to every piece he played...David is a true musician on every level.

- Michele H., college choral director

David is an excellent pianist and an experienced and natural accompanist, someone who goes well beyond "playing the notes" to actively supporting his fellow musicians...I have heard David not only in concerts but also in lessons and other less formal settings, and in every situation he is unfailingly attentive, flexible, and tasteful...I have also come to appreciate David’s professionalism, good nature, and absolute reliability.

- Richard W., college dept. chair

David is admired and respected by faculty and students alike. He is a top-flight musician who plays beautifully and sensitively as he collaborates with equal ease whether working with professional singers or university students...David has been a strong and steadying presence both on and offstage for our students...He is quite simply "there" for the students both musically and personally...David is a true gem with the rare combination of superb musicianship, humility, and a collegial spirit...I value him as a musician, colleague, and friend.

- Pamela B., college vocal instructor

David was a favorite among students...His calm demeanor and nurturing qualities made even the most nervous students composed before a performance. [as accompanist for the RI Senior All-State Chorus]...I was present when...Weston Noble...paid tribute to the rare expression...David produced at the piano.

- Christian B., public school music educator/former student 

Music: Testimonials
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