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Spanish Instruction

NEW! Now offering group classes.

Below are descriptions and reviews.

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  • Spanish Academic Tutoring for high school/college students needing help with assignments, reviewing for tests, preparing for placement exams, improving grades, working ahead, and enrichment

  • Medical Spanish Instruction for medical professionals seeking to communicate directly with patients, using relevant vocabulary tailored to the specialty

  • Conversational Spanish Instruction for students (age 14 and up) desiring to communicate with extended family and community members, or prepare for travel or mission trips

Spanish: Services

Reviews - Academic Spanish

Elizabeth is the most knowledgeable, patient, and hardworking tutor with whom I have ever worked. She cared deeply about my success. I endured a year of intensive college Spanish, and Elizabeth made it easy for me to get A’s. I would recommend her to any student of Spanish. I feel grateful to have found her.

- Julie H., NY

I am currently enrolled in a college Medical Spanish course. Elizabeth is very patient and easy to talk to. She explained everything until I understood and connected many dots for me. After our sessions she sent me links to several resources for extra practice.

– Hannah S., TX

Elizabeth has helped me complete papers for my 300-level Spanish class. This is a pretty difficult class, and I have had multiple tutors unable to help because of the level of difficulty. On both of my papers that Elizabeth has helped me edit I have received 100%. She is the best Spanish tutor I have had so far, so I would definitely suggest scheduling a tutoring session with Elizabeth.

– Isabella K., IL

Elizabeth knows her area and provided helpful pointers and guidance. She explained things in a straightforward way, making clear what the teacher failed to fully explain. We will definitely call on her again for this demanding college Spanish course!

– Virginia W., WA

Elizabeth was extremely helpful throughout my Spanish III course this quarter! She worked through my assignments with me, and she always took the time to explain any new grammar or vocabulary. I was able to receive an overall final grade of 100%.

– Rachel W., CA

Elizabeth is a phenomenal Spanish tutor! My son’s grades went from a consistent C- in Spanish 1 and 2 to a consistent B+ in Spanish 3! The confidence he now has in conversing in Spanish is amazing. And, because of the trust she has created with him, he is comfortable telling her the areas where he needs help, which is critical because he is quite shy. I absolutely recommend Elizabeth to anyone who needs help in Spanish. You will not regret it.

– Alice K., VA

My son has always been an average Spanish student, but he improved exponentially with the help of Elizabeth. She has been an integral part of my son’s Spanish development, particularly in terms of writing and reading comprehension. The steady improvement in my son's Spanish abilities landed him a solid A over the course of his junior year.

– Carol L., NY

Our son liked Elizabeth instantly from our first online meeting and was very receptive to working with her. She is excellent, patient, knowledgeable, conversational, and is always well-prepared. I only have positive things to say about Elizabeth, and I highly recommend her. This is and has been a 5-star experience all the way.

-  Stine S., NJ

Elizabeth managed to work with my 11th grader, who had been avoiding doing any Spanish for two months. My daughter said she felt like she learned more in a few hours of tutoring than in her first two years of Spanish.  Spectacular. 

– Nancy C., WA

I was impressed right from the first lesson. Elizabeth is a great listener. She addressed my concerns and my son’s problem areas, providing a list of resources. She was also encouraging. My son is very intimidated by Spanish, his weakest subject, but I believe he will regain his confidence with her help.

– Kindra W., VA

Elizabeth is a very caring, wise, and thoughtful teacher. We tried out other teachers, but she is the best. She created a whole curriculum for my daughter which my daughter found engaging and FUN. She gave meaningful homework, and my daughter really enjoyed her approach. We will definitely work with Elizabeth again and cannot recommend her highly enough.

– Letty F., CA

My son and I are so glad to have found Elizabeth! She is patient and easy to understand. She comes equipped with useful mnemonic devices and plenty of tips for oral exams and presentations. Additionally, she provides links to helpful websites and videos in the summary following each lesson. We would highly recommend Elizabeth!  

- Karen T., CA

Elizabeth is a great teacher and has really helped my son get ahead in Spanish. She works with him at the appropriate level while pushing him to get to the next level. He has gained a new sense of confidence when speaking in Spanish after just a few sessions with Elizabeth.

- Sunit S., VA

Spanish: Testimonials

Reviews - Medical Spanish

Elizabeth is helping me with Medical Spanish so I can communicate with my patients. Elizabeth is an excellent teacher. She is very knowledgeable and professional and can tailor the content of the lessons to everyone’s specific needs. I highly recommend her!!!

– Judith A., MA

I work in the healthcare industry. Elizabeth found the most appropriate textbook for me. She adjusts each lesson to my professional needs. It makes the lessons more interesting and useful.

- Nadya C., VA

Spanish: Testimonials

Reviews - Conversational Spanish

I am so happy to have found Elizabeth as a tutor. She is everything someone would want in a tutor: knowledgeable, patient, thoughtful, resourceful, and imaginative. I could not ask for more in a teacher.

– Mary L., IL

I studied with Elizabeth online for about six months, and I absolutely adored her! She was super-friendly, patient, and supportive. I was a low beginner when we started together, and by the end of the six months, I was able to write entire journal entries, converse with her about my work and classes and ask her questions about her work and life. As an adult student, I found her to be incredibly flexible about my work schedule and patient with my progress, so I would definitely recommend her!

– Maddie S., CA

Elizabeth is welcoming, knowledgeable, and very patient. She made me feel comfortable about practicing my Spanish and provided many helpful resources for me to practice outside of tutoring sessions. I would highly recommend her!

-  Tonicia W., DC

I am very much enjoying learning Spanish with Elizabeth. She is warm and encouraging, and plans and delivers our lessons with great thought and care. She also follows up each lesson with a great review including links to supplement and practice what we have learned.

– Sue C., VA

Elizabeth is a great tutor and pleasant to be with. She is an experienced instructor and very knowledgeable of Spanish grammar rules, constructions, advanced vocabulary, and even culture. Though I spoke Spanish as a child and while growing up, Elizabeth has helped me brush up on complex grammar and rules. Thanks to her, I am honing my proficiency and building my confidence when speaking Spanish. I would recommend her to anyone.

– Vel N., VA

Spanish: Testimonials
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